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  1. hi. all. i live here in the US for 9 years and im 28 years old .planning to get my US citizenship this year and planning to go back to school in the philippines. im planning nursing degree . i want to know what school you all can recommend.and its like how much the cost for 4 year course? i hope someone can helped me out for this...
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    well i suggest you think twice, 3x, hehehe, nursing situation here is different there. why not take nursing there at US? well i SUGGEST go to universities school not college one. some of the top school are UST, Trinity, UP, UERM, feu. but still its in your hand not in the school, i just don't know if they accept second courser students, in my school (FEU-NRMF) they we're not allowed. and the total cost of my tuition fee from 1st yr-4thyr college were 300,000k+ yes this is true. good luck!
  5. by   Ginger's Mom
    I would suggest, since you have a green card, go to a local community college, you can get your ASN for less money ( when you combine the travel expenses and time loss due to processing the papers to work in the USA). Once you get a ASN you can get your BSN. You will be able to apply for a job as soon as you graduate, about 4-6 weeks where as getting your paper processed can take months.