Need advice for an Immigrant finding job in North Las Vegas

  1. Hi fellow nurses!!

    It's my first time signing up here in and I would want to seek your advices regarding my future career in North Las Vegas.

    I am currently working as an ER nurse in Singapore since 2008, and prior to that, I have 2yrs experience as a hemodialysis nurse back in the Philippines. I will be moving to North Las Vegas in Sept to be with my hubby and Im quite unsure of what lies ahead of my career as an RN there. Yes I plan to take the NCLEX after 2months of getting acquainted, but I wanna know how hard is it for an immigrant like me to find a new job there? And how much would I be paid as a starter?

    Thank you so much for your help... I need answers to ease my worries...
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  3. by   loriangel14
    Have you applied for a license and gotten permission to write the NCLEX?
  4. by   lizarcala04
    Hi.. Yes I have already applied for licensure in Nevada BON, submitted everything including the CES except for my fingerprint card.. I will submit that maybe in August when Im more ready for the 3months grace period after att is given..
  5. by   steppybay
    Kabayan, you may want to get in your application much faster, if this most recent topic turns out to be true: Click here: NV has closed the doors to international applicants.

    If it is true, then the only State possibly open to you may be those states east of the most western states, as OR is the last state on the far western side that's not enforcing the concurrency rules. Just know endorsing back into NV may or may not be an issue as this new development was just discovered and remains to be more verified to know the true status.

    There's also been several others from PH who have reported of being denied the ATT from NV as this state's BON has recently been enforcing the same concurrency rules. So if you're 100% sure that your curriculum of the clinical and theories were done in the same exact semester, not months or a year or two later, then you should be fine as far as that goes.
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  6. by   lizarcala04
    Thanks steppybay! What you said might be true, and for now I can't do anything but to proceed with the application I started and wait for their response.. I tried searching in google for any BON website or government institutions that says anything about concurrency issues but so far, I cant find any valid proof that this is currently being implemented.. I would have to say that I need to be fast though, or else the downside will make me suffer longer.. Everything I found about concurrency issues are those from this site or some other forums... I was thinking, if this is something that Nevada BON recently implemented, then they should have at least a notice or annoucement on their website, right? I hope this won't affect my future in the US.. =(
  7. by   steppybay
    Yes, you may have made it (the application process) prior to the recent mention of the NV BON not accepting more international applicants. There are other possible reasons for the NV BON to deny a foreign application, besides the concurrency issue (I was trying to find the one posting in which a rejected PH applicant submitted the actual denial letter from the NV BON for the concurrency.

    Some have been turned down due to the lack of certain courses or not enough clinical hours, all of which are from other posters here.

    But there have been some PH applicants that had no problems and it really depends on how your college transcripts are evaluated.
  8. by   ailure86
    Hi i live in north vegas. I would suggest that you wait for your nclex approval 1st before you think about getting a job. Its a long process. After you pass you still need some trainings like acls. Acute hospitals rarely accept nurses with international experience. unless you have exp here, you are considered a new grad. go to small hospital first like rehab or LTC hospital to get established. If you wanna pursue ER you may want to get trainings like trauma nurse or EMT. Its a long process. One step at a time. You may also wanna look at your status in US first. But for sure you will find a job here in the right time.