NEED advice for Indian RN

  1. Hi, i'm Nurse from INDIA, did my RN last year, i want to upgrade to BSN & futher wants to do MSN, can someone help me how to proceed futher, Can i do it online here in India or have to go regular classes in US.
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    I moved your thread to the International forum for a better response. suzanne4, the moderator for the forum as well as others, will be along to assist you.

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    There are on-line programs available, however, they all require some time to be sent in a hospital in the US. Not sure how you will do that; also most have very expensive tuitions. You would be much further ahead to wait until you start work here as many employers will pay part of your tuition.

    The MSN also requires clinical hours in a facility in the US.
  5. by   hbsmadan
    thanks for your advice.

    my uncle is having college of nursing offering courses of rn,bsn, he asked me to know any scope for their passed out nurses. any short courses are available for them. can they do job without giving exams in us, canada,uk or any other country as nanny or be an geriatric patient care. i'l be very thankful to u.
  6. by   suzanne4
    No they can't. They woulkd need to pass exams to work as an nurse, and the other areas are unskilled areas and do not advise those at all. Why throw away all of that training. And then it is a temporary work permit and slave conditions in many cases. We never, ever recommend that.

    Only going thru the proper channels. Please look at the Primer at the top of this forum.