NCLEX or IELTS before?

  1. Hi,I sent my NCLEX application and payed for everything but the matter was from Texas board,they send me an email they cannot give me the ATT because I did't do the English test before.

    As a foreign nurse should I do the IELTS before the NCLEX?I was surprised because lot of my friends did the NCLEX first..I told the board but they asked me their names but I said they applied in another state.

    Just to know,I cannot do the NCLEX exam before the IELTS?

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Different states have different requirements and it does state on Texas website that if your nurse schooling was not done in English then you need a pass result in English proficiency therefore you will have to do it before you sit the exam.
  4. by   rnaffah
    May be but why my friends did the NCLEX first and in the same state?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from rnaffah
    May be but why my friends did the NCLEX first and in the same state?
    Was their schooling done in English? As I read the Texas website that is what it says, must have a pass in English proficiency Page 6 of link is where it explains it. If your friend went to Texas and was given permission to sit the exam and didn't meet all requirements then you will have to take it up with them and maybe provide proof
  6. by   suzanne4
    CGFNS is actually no longer issuing the CES report if a requirement of the state is to have the English exam done required. Passing needs to be included to be able to get the CES.

    Rules change, just because someone did something a few months ago or last year, a state is free to make changes. The issue is if you wish to get licensed in Texas, then you need to meet their current requirements.

    That is why we always state to do checks of the requirements on the website of the BON for which ever state, they do in fact make changes.