1. Hello Nurses,
    Its really been a while since i came here,i went for surgery[thyroidectomy] and i must say i missed u all so much.i thank God it was sucessful.
    I would be travelling next week to london for nclex exam,i need your prayers please,it has not been easy preparing for exam and surgery at the same time,if i had my way i would have suspended the surgery till after nclex cos ATT will expire soon,but my life was at stake so i had to go in for it.
    please i would like to be cleared on an issue concerning proper answering of nclex quetions,i ve been studying saunders 3rd edition with the cd rom.some times i answer questios correctly on the cd but am marked wrong when i try to know why ,i would find out it was becos i added mg/dl or gtt to the answer that reqiures it.example if am asked for how many drops per min and i answer 21gtt per min they would say sorry answer is 21. meanwhile in the text book it will show 21gtt/min.
    my question now is,how am i expected to answer such questions in nclex? i would like to know please.
    thanks so much and God bless u all.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    just wanted to wish you good luck and hope your health is feeling better.
  4. by   chinma
    Hello all,maybe i didnt put my question to u rightly.i only want to know if at the end of an answer about infussion rates or medication calculation,am i expected to put these mg/dl,gtt, etc, at the end of the figures? cos if i do on the saunders cd wrong i fail the qustions in as much as i wrote the correct figures,the tell me sorry the correct answer is......,the write the exact figure i wrote but with no mg or gtt per i was wondering if i should write it as i see on the cd rom or like i used to on the examination day.
    i hope i ve made myself clear this time and am begging for an advice from u all pls.thanks
  5. by   kathykaye
    just the numerical figure.
  6. by   chinma
    Hello Kathykaye,God bless you.I feel much better,am grateful.