MSN Adult Nursing Graduate outside US.

  1. I am currently an RN and working as a Clinical Nurse here in the US but I graduated w/ my MSN Adult nursing Program in the Philippines. I am now ready to pursue a higher level in my profession by becoming a Nurse Practitioner. What should I do to be able to qualfy in the NP Licensure/Certification Exam? Do you know of any state's Board of Nursing that accepts international credentials? Or should I start all over and enroll in the MSN Program here in the US? I am anticipating your advice please.
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    Did you get a straight MSN from there in Adult Nursing, or did you do an Advanced Practice track? Large difference between the two.

    There definitely will be courses that will need to be taken in the US, as you will eventually get presciption authority with the NP credentials, and that requires training here for that. As far as getting credit for what you have done will be up to the school that you wish to attend.

    Normally in the Philippines, as you know, assessment skills are not high up on thge list, but in the US with the NP role you will be using those skills even more so.

    The only way to get any approval would be to have CES do a Credentials Eval of your MSN training, if you have not done that already and find out exactly what you have done and have not. Licensing Boards will require it, as well as the university.
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    Thanks Suzanne for the reply, I went straight the MSN-Adult Nursing in the Phils. but anyway, before I opened this website, I talked to someone from the American Academy of NP regarding my issue and she said that I'll just go ahead and forward my application and let my school send to them my transcript w/ the course description but I am afraid it will just be a waste of money since I didn't had the advance Pharmacology and the Advance Physical Assessment.
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    You are definitely going to need to complete additional courses, as I mentiined above. Best suggestion is to send your transcripts to CES to do an evaluation, then it is good for all states, as well as for the Universities.