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I want to study nursing in america and have just sent an application for a college in LA but my mum also wants to work there as well. she is taking a course in NVQ Level 3 Care but all her work mates... Read More

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    hi, im new to this forum, and was wondering if anyone can give me some information about the agencies offering jobs, green cards etc to USA?

    i am really wanting to live there once i qualify ( i have just began my training in the UK), and i was wondering about the wages, time to get a job, credibility of these agencies? any info would be appreciated from nurses who have experianced work with an agency, or an American nurse who maybe has some info too!!
    Cheers, lou
    You can do it alone without going through agencies

    If you are just starting your training, for working in the US, you need to do hours in Mental Health, Maternal, Paeds as well as general adult training alot of students in the new format don't get these hours and find it hard to get throught CGFNS to be able to nurse in the US.

    Once you have qualified you need to
    a) Decide where you want to live
    b) Apply to both CGFNS and the BON of the state you want to live
    c) Once you get your ATT (authorisation to take test) you can sit the NCLEX which from Jan 05 can be done in London.
    d) Pass NCLEX and then you can start applying to hospitals to see if they will sponcer you for your green card. The hospital should then help you through the immigration process.

    Hope this helps. You can PM if you want more info