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PLEASE excuse my ignorance here! I'm a good ole American girl who's moving with my husband to London for a 12-18 month tour of duty. We'll be coming over sometime before June--Probably April or so.... Read More

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    I worked in Portsmouth and Southampton and both were ok with VBAC when it was 1st C/S but were very wary when it was 2 or more. when I looked after a VBAC there were lots of protocols and guidelines and most went onto section. I was trying to emphasis that she wouldnt be forced into a SVD unless she requested, most drs are more than happy to go along the cs route for 2nd and subsequent births.
    i had a c section with my first birth and was actively encouraged to have vaginal birth second time round, which i did, and to be honest im glad i did as it was a lot nicer experiance. they monitored the integrity of my previous incision during my preganacy and delivery closely as i was pregnant with my second child 5 months after having my first! i suppose if i had have been insistant they may have given me a section, i suppose it would depend on the reason for having a section in the first place, mine was for fetal distress so there was no mechanical reason to not have a vaginal birth the second time round.
    im glad i had the opportunity to experiance both, if i had the choice though it would be the vaginal way!
    by the way kay howz arizona? you lucky thing?