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Dear co-nurses from canada, i am a nurse here in england but i will be moving to BC and offered a full time job. hows nursing in canada??? i am just a bit worried. like hows... Read More

  1. by   apols_uk
    dear fergus, adrienne and global rn thanks for your help.

    thanks for informing me about the gryehound bus because i hate small planes and i thought travelling to bellacoola is always by these twin engine planes. and thanks for the bellacoola site thats very helpful. indeed its a small town but i like the it and its very beautiful its got full of character. i just hope i dont get to travel to vancouver for grocery, clothing or necesities are there any banks or department stores around.

    Fergus since youve been there. are the stores or shopes nearby???????????????

    thanks evryone you have been very helpful
  2. by   fergus51
    There are stores and shops with all the necessities, but you will probably go on shopping trips to Vancouver every few months at least for the extras and just for something to do (I highly reccomend a trip to Victoria because it is so much nicer than Vancouver!). You can probably live your whole life without leaving Bella Coola, it just wouldn't be all that interesting... I used to order a lot of stuff like scrubs from the internet or by mail when I was in Williams Lake, which is a bit bigger.