LPN from USA wants to work in Canada

  1. Hello all,
    What would be the steps to take to work as a nurse in Canada for an LPN?

    Any information would be most helpful

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  3. by   lalaxton
    Not sure exactly the procedure, but a good place to start is the provincial board of nursing equivalent. Here in Ontario it is the College of Nurses of Ontario. You can find their number on their web site. Just as each state has different requirements, so does each province so before you go looking for a job (and there are many!) find out if you can practice here!
    Good Luck!
  4. by   snickers
    I just checked out some websites for you to take a look at If you go to www.nursing index.com that will give you all of the R.N. associations/unions in Canada, they would all be able to assist you I would think, or www.malpn mb.ca (Manitoba) www.lpnboard.ca (Nova Scotia) www.cdn-domain.com (Ontario) Hope that helps. sj.
  5. by   OntRPN
    The registered practical nurses association of ontario could help

    The college of nurses of ontario


    Good Luck

    Ont RPN
  6. by   gino50
    Here's a contact person if you like to ask for info on how to apply for a LPN license in Manitoba, Canada.
    Sandra Bird
    Coordinator, Long Term CAre and Registration Assessment
    200-1601 Regent Ave. W
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    R2C 3B3
    Tel: 204 663 1212
    Fax: 204 663 1207
    E-mail - etf @mb.sympatico.ca

    I think you have to apply for registration first before you can practice in Manitoba, try to call or write to this lady, she is very helpul.
    Hope this will help

  7. by   Janice8551
    Here in British Columbia you contact the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of British Columbia. (CLPNBC) @ 604-660-5750 and ask for Judy Posnikoff. She oversees the examination sessions throughout the year. The next one is in May 2002. Good luck, we'd be pleased to have you.

  8. by   Simonne
    I am a Canadian and I find the MedHunters.com website very useful. There is info on LPN in Canada and US, so you might be able to find something there. I hope this is useful to you, best of luck.