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  1. Hi, I will graduate nursing school (BSN) this December from the US. I am looking around the world to get hired as a new grad.

    What countries are hiring new grad nurses?

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  3. by   ceridwyn
    I doubt many countries are interested in training and mentoring a new nurse as it costs money and time and all new graduates from all english speaking countries are in the same boat...cannot find work.

    You could come to Australia on a working visa..nothing can stop you getting that.... but then our nurses orientation...if a health institution takes you on, is at most 3 days, everywhere.
    Our meds and orders are different to those of the states and our take on what a nurse does and how they do it is different, so agencies will not take you on with no experience.

    You will be competing for work against a mass exodus of nurses from the UK Phils, NZ etc etc to Australia trying to find work (that often require sponsorship) these are drying up, but you can apply as an independent and try for a pr visa.

    This past year has been very difficult for Australian new grads. to find a place in a grad program or any work that would give money time and mentoring. Australia too has been effected by health cutbacks and decreased government spending
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  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Depends where you want to work and meeting that country's requirements to register as a nurse. For example UK and New Zealand require 1-2 years work experience