little questions (going round & round in my head)

  1. Hi guys,

    at last I found a GC-sponsor and now I just have to wait until everything is processed and I can go to the interview.. just hope they are gonna accept everything
    I'm not gonna be satisfied until I have the actual thing in my hands

    but now my question(s):
    Because I took the NCLEX-RN in FL and want to life and work here, instead of receiving my license after taking the NCLEX, I "just" received a written statemant saying, that I passed because I don't have a SSN.
    I want to be prepared 4 everything and I'm already planing for the time I have my GC.
    In order to get the license I need a fingerprint card, right?
    how and where do I get it and when should I request it?

    than, another question: they, the FBON, requirers a special amount of hours in special courses (e.g. 3hr domestic violence). Now I found a webpage where you just can print out the course, read it and send the filled out questionary... it that enought?!
    also, I took a review course in January 2005 with about 90 hrs of theoratical course on a College... isn't that enough to cover the hours?

    sorry for questioning so much, just want to be sure I got everything and I want to use every help I can get
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  3. by   sonja81
    nobody ANY idea :uhoh21:
  4. by   safewaygreenbox
    I carn't help you sorry but Suzzane - who probably can - is off line for a week (or so). Others may be able to also - perhaps a lot are busy! I'm sure you will get an answer if you hang on for a few days.
  5. by   Todd-RN
    Please check out these links from the FL BoN website:

    You should be able to find the courses required by the board here:

    You may order the fingerprint cards here:

    As to when exactly you should order the fp-cards, I would suggest you contact the BoN, since Suzanne won't be around to answer our questions for some days :

    General Licensing Questions:
    Telephone: (850) 488-0595, press Menu Option 3

    Hope, this helps a little!
  6. by   sonja81
    I'm gonna try the email, thx
  7. by   suzanne4
    If you already have taken NCLEX for Florida, it means that they have accepted everything already, and just need your SSN# to give you an actual license. At least that is how it works everywhere else.

    You can follow up with the BON just to play it safe.

    When you are goiven approval to sit for NCLEX, it means that you have met all requirements for licensure there.
  8. by   sonja81
    THX Suzanne!

    I already received an answer from FL BON

    "If you completed the remedial course, you do not have to take the
    mandatory HIV/Aids, Domestic Violence, and Prevention of Medical Errors

    thx guys