Lame duck Rumors

  1. congress back in session

    it's looking unlikely that congress will allow any omnibus funding bills to pass with earmarks for things like retrogression relief. (the "do-nothing congress," as some of you readers/commentors have correctly called them). that having been said, there is still a chance that the gop leaders change their mind and allow an omnibus bill with earmarks.

    nevertheless, we're putting the chances of retrogression relief during december -- the lame duck session -- at less than 20% and decreasing every day. we're still putting the chances of retrogression relief at 90% by summer 2007.

    one interesting news item: the uscis won't be hurting for dollars in 2007; prices are going up.

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  3. by   ZASHAGALKA
    "Do Nothing Congress" is a convenient insult towards our government for those that don't get what they want from our gov't. But, I have to say that to me, it's a little unseemly to issue or repeat such insults when what you seek is favors from that same gov't.

    I think the chances of any movement on this issue by the lame duck congress is next to nothing. I guess your comments are a link to an article that puts the odds of movement on retrogression by summer at 90%. While I agree with that, you have to understand that summer means 6-7 MONTHS from now.

    I think that is realistic. Retrogression relief will eventually be addressed, but it will probably be on a timeline of 6-7 MONTHS. It will probably be part of a total immigration reform law. That issue is SO very hot right now, that the negotiations to complete such a law could take much, much longer.

    In that case, some stopgap retrogression reform might be passed as part of another law, but it would likely be just that: a stopgap and not any real or long lasting relief.