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  1. hi,
    need to know any info regarding USSI (United Staffing Solutions Inc).i would appreciate it if somebody who had worked for USSI share her/his experiences with me.i am a foreign grad who already passed NCLEX for CA and interested in signing up with this staffing agency.please please send your infos....thanks!

    la nina
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  3. by   johnna_999
    la nina, just want to ask if you did sign up with USSI. I know you were waiting for replies from those that are actually working with them, but i just can't resist replying to your post, since I am also interested. How was your application with them?
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    This post is over 15 months old and the op doesn't appear to have posted since then. Also as you are looking at a petition for the US will move this to the International forum
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    You just need to take the time to do a search here on this forum as well as just a standard Google search.

    No reason to go into things again now as you can readily obtain them.

    Please be aware that any contract that you sign with any company has a cancellation fee included with what you are signing and they will go after you if you back out for any reason. And with the retrogression in place, you are looking at five years plus for a visa.

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