Is the job market in UK really that bad?

  1. Here is the link I got from a post on the pre-nursing student forum:

    Is the job market in UK that bad and new graduates have to work in the supermarket? I can't believe it, last year a classmate told me her mom is a nurse in UK and they are preety much in a shortage for nurses.
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  3. by   english_nurse
    its awful, we are very short staffed but the hospitals will not pay for extra staff so we struggle on without, i believe someone will get hurt the staffing levels are that low.
    our graduating students have no jobs to go to when they qualify in december i think thats terrible
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    It makes me mad that the hospitals are blaming budgetting for their problems, I always find that there are too many managers and not enough workers and it is workers we need. No wonder nurses are leaving in their droves because the stress and workload is getting higher and higher and no help from managers. One place I used to work the ward manager always made a point if she had been working of thanking us all for all our hard work, sometimes that helped but higher management always made it worse. With staffing levels like they are and going to get worse I am waiting for something to happen and watch the poor nurses take the fall :angryfire