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I applied for CES at CGFNS in January. In Feb-March they've got all the papers they need to start processing my case. Over the night my status changed. I called and they told me that my original... Read More

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    Quote from ghillbert
    It's not a matter of them making sure everything is correct. They frequently lose documents, refuse to transfer calls to a supervisor, incorrectly charge and then fail to refund fees, fail to answer the phone/fax/mail etc. Their "customer service" is just horrific - and they don't have to improve, because you don't have a choice about using them.
    Guess everyone's experience is different then, they always answered the phone when I rang and I rang a LOT, they always answered my emails promptly, they didn't lose my documents, quite the opposite in fact, ALL the copies they requested were in my file! They didn't ask for any extra money on top of the original application. The problem I had was getting them to identify that the correct documentation had been sent off but that got sorted eventually.

    What they did do however was forget to assign my file to a credentialler so it sat gathering dust for 4 months but I did get to speak to a supervisor as soon as I asked and I did get my evaluation done within a few days once the errors were highlighted. I always made sure I got to 'discuss' my case and always asked their advice on getting my situation sorted and I am now an American RN so I'm happy, will be even happier when I get my GC