Is CGFNS required before taking the NCLEX Exam in Washington State

  1. Hi there! I'm a Filipino Nurse who is very interested in applying in Washington State, Right now, I'm reviewing for the IELTS. I'm just wandering if Washington State still requires you to take the CGFNS before taking their NCLEX and lastly, do hospitals there help in the petition for Filipino Nurses who have want to work there?....Thanks for the help
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    You really need to check out the requirements for foreign trained nurse on the BON website. Much better to get it direct from the site, will be more up to date

    Sure there are hospitals there but many at the moment are delaying taking on foreign nurses due to retrogression. Suggest you have a read in this forum on it as you will certainly be affected and looking at a few years before moving to the US and that is saying you are lucky to get a visa as demand is high from your country and now no guarantee passing licensure requirements will get you a visa

    Would suggest you have a read through this forum especially the sticky called Primer to working in the US
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    anther spoofed question, if yur interested in the state you want to pursue your nursing career, you better start in your self by searching it. there are lot of seach engine that will lead you to the washington state board of nursing and im sure th site will give you enough information.