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  1. Has anybody else received a form from the Inland Revenue about the expenses we claim as nurses? When I phoned them up, they wanted to know if I still worked at the same hospital, and if anything had changed. Not content with getting rid of us and giving the ones left a paltry pay rise, the Blair government will probably find a way of getting rid of our legitimate expenses.

    I did ask why we could not claim our car parking fees as expenses, as most of us cannot use public transport to get to work due to our unsocial hours of work. I wonder if Mr Blair and co pay for their parking whilst working in Downing Street?

    Final straw - the envelope enclosed for me to send the form back required a stamp!! I will send the form back, but I am not putting a stamp on it. I know its probably being petty, but why should I put a stamp on an envelope for an unsolicited letter from a government agency?

    Anyway, rant over now. This is what happens when you spend the day spring cleaning and there is no chocolate in the house!!!!!
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  3. by   XB9S
    I havent recieved anything from them, they should know what hospital you work for from your tax office shouldnt they
  4. by   cheshirecat
    Yes, but do not forget they are a government agency so their intelligence is probably a bit below par.
  5. by   arys1075
    Hi I didn't receive the forms automatically but I personally requested if I could receive rebate/refund from my 4 yrs of working in England. Try to visit your nearby Inland Rev office, show your P60 and last pay slip, fill in the forms there and wait for at least 6 wks to process/receive refund either direct to your bank account or by cheque. You can also download forms from internet. Hope this helps you.
  6. by   Kabel

    If the form you are talking about is the tax review form for the the last financial year (ie the one ending april 07) then the expenses you can claim are things like professional subscriptions (NMC, RCN or other union memberships), shoes and tights/socks allowance (only about 18 pounds but every little counts!). Also if your employer has no facilities for washing your uniforms then you can claim laundry expenses (with the conditions that they are washed seperately from other clothes and at 60 degrees).

    I can't remember the exact amounts you claim for shoes and tights nor the uniform laundering but I'm sure you could find out. The professional subscriptions are just the amount you pay for the year.

    Just to note, don't expect to get the above expenses back as a tangible amount of money! You just get the amounts added onto your tax code so that your tax free amount is raised.

    Hope this is what you were after!
  7. by   cheshirecat
    Thanks for all your replies. I never expect anything from the tax office, so I won't be disappointed.

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