Initial step before NCLEX

  1. Hi suzanne,I would like to apply to Texas board for NCLEX RN,but I don't know what to do and which form i should apply to get the approve from texas state,then to apply for NCLEX.

    I saw the website but it's confusing.
    As a foreign RN what's the documents needed for Texas board.

    Thank you
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  3. by   suzanne4
    1. You never apply for NCLEX exams. If you look at it that way, then it will be much easier for you.
    2. Texas requires the CES, you can do that thru CGFNS.
    3. Application for licensure by examination. They will not give approval to sit for the exam unitl they receive the CES.
    3. For the NCLEX exam, you only register for it, you do not apply for it, but it takes permission from a state, as well as the fee paid for it before you will get the ATT issued.
  4. by   rnaffah
    Hello Suzanne,
    1-For the CES,how can I have it if i didn't do the CGFNS?
    2-About taking the permission from Texas state:What are the documents needed other the CES?and what's the name of the form because there are many forms in texas web.
    Thank you for help
  5. by   rnaffah
    I just remember that I applied for CGFNS (i failed)they did the Credential evaluation,I can tell the CGFNS CENTER to send Credential or I should send it by myself?
    In addition,is there a special request form to ask the CGFNS center to send the CES?
    Sorry for all those questions
  6. by   suzanne4
    The CES is a credentials review, it is completely separate from the CGFNS exam. You will need to submit the application to CGFNS for that. And pay the fee.
  7. by   rnaffah
    Good morning ,
    The nursing agency that i am working with, keep telling me that i can't get a visa by doing only the NCLEX,so I should do the CGFNS than the NCLEX and I told him that I read here CGFNS is not necessary if it's not required by the State.What's his goal?

    Thank you Suzanne
  8. by   kathykaye
    cgfns wont give you a license to practice nursing in the US..

    NCLEX does...