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  1. I am newly qualified nurse and want to Migrate to USA, but nobody is giving me correct information. Can somebody tell me what i have to do first.?Do i have to pass TOEFL first or have to pass NCLEX first. What is the first step of process for migration to USA? Waiting for reply.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Hi and welcome to the site

    I have moved your post to the International forum where you will find plenty of information regarding moving to the US. Threads I suggest you read are Primer to working in the US and on retrogression. Depending on which country you did your training depends on whether you need to pass English exam also depending on board of nursing in the US to whether you need English exam before they will let you sit NCLEX.

    The process will take over 18 months and at the moment a lot of employers are not taking on foreign nurses due to retrogression but a lot depends on where you want to live. Currently all nurses are affected by retrogression and hard to predict how long it will take but some countries will be affected worse than other depending on the demand on visas. Employers will prefer a pass in NCLEX before accepting you for a petition so would suggest you pass it first and then look for employer. Have a good read on this forum plenty of good information
  4. by   suzanne4
    And I am going to throw this in as well. As a newly qualified nurse, suspect that you went to school in the UK because of the term used; you must meet the requirements for licensure and immigration in the US. You did not state what area that you got your qualifications in, but the US requires that you have completed clinical and theory hours in all of the required hours that they need. This means that you must have completed the hours in maternal, peds, and mental health.

    Not sure if you had those in your training. If you did your training in the UK, then the English exams are waived for you.