info on westways staffing, orange, ca

  1. anybody has info about westways staffing in orange, ca please feel free to comment.

    anybody also who works in st joseph hospital (primary hospital of westways staffing in orange, ca)

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  3. by   suzanne4
    There is already much on this agency, you just need to do a search.

    You can easily input any agency name into the search engine on Google or Yahoo to find out opinions on them.
  4. by   drunkenmasta23
    just want to know if its true that if your nclex expired you have to take it again even if you already have visascreen but not able to be there until my nclex expired????there are some humors that some are repeating their nclex...what a waste of time, effort and money...I've signed up to westways and they are now processing my my petition waiting for the approval of my i-140 but my all of my exams are about to expired next year....according to my contract i'l be working in st joseph in orange county ryt....we have the same hospital..they are not requiring experience i wonder why....
  5. by   suzanne4
    NCLEX does not have an expiration date, what does is the application that you submitted for licensure to the BRN in CA. If you do not apply for licensure in another state before that letter gets destroyed, then you are not going to have valid NCLEX results. VSC will not help in this case, as it has nothing to do with licensure but is used for immigration.

    And if you do not have proof from a BON, then you will be retaking the exam.

    Much has already been written on this very subject, please just do a search.

    Suggest that you get experience as we are expecting the US government to require it in the near future. And just because one is submitted now, it does not mean that there will be work for them five years from now which is about the time that you will be waiting for a chance at a green card.

    Highly recommend that you take the time to do some reading here.
  6. by   gems888
    drunkenmasta23, did you pay for your i140? because i heard that some companies/agencies does not pay for i140 because of retrogression. some company suggest if applicant is willing to pay for it they will file your petition. with regards to the expiration of nclex its better you call the state where you took the nclex.
  7. by   suzanne4
    If a license is issued, then the exam does not expire. When one mentions expiration of the exam, it is usually with CA.

    And since this thread was started off about Westways, that operates out of CA, then suspect that is what this is pertaining to.

    But we ask that threads keep to what was being asked in the opening thread, and that is specific to things concerning Westways.

    Westways normally pays all of the fees.