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  1. I live in the US. My sister-in-law (a Filipina citizen) has graduated a five year college in nursing in preparation to work abroad. I would like to get some info (estimates) relating to; cost of a board exam study course in Manila including room and board to prepare for the board exam, how much does it cost to take the board exam, other related exams/certifications/necessities (CGFNS service, etc.) to prepare to apply abroad (in US, England).
    I realize I am asking for a lot of info but any will be appreciated. No better way to learn than from someone who has been there...done that. She graduated from a nursing college in Olongapo City (Central Luzon Tech I think). I am aware of the news of the cheating scandal affecting last years board exam takers. Wondering what percentage of test takers will pass on the upcoming exams.
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    I moved your thread to the International Forum as it deals specifically with working in the US, and that means that same requirements for any foriegn nurse that wishes to work in the US.

    Please check out the Primer at the top of the International Forum, there is all of the i nformation that you will need.

    But a few other tidbits are here:

    CGFNS exam is no longer a requirement of all states to work in the US, only about five require it. Depends on where she will be working, or wishes to work. No reason to take it unless she is planning to work in one of those remaining states.

    Much easier to do the review on her own, there is much that can be done and safely pass the exam without one of the review courses offered there. Many have issues with them such as illegal recruiting, exam scandals, etc.

    For the US, she just needs to pass the NCLEX-RN exam and one of the series of English exams, and get a Visa Screen Certificate. Again the info is in the Primer.

    I would not focus on the UK at all right now, they actually have a hiring freeze in place for foreign nurses, lay-offs going on even for nurses that trained in the UK.
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    Want to add my two cents as well. Since you are posting now it means your sister will be eligible only for the June 2007 board exam. Long way to go and I wouldn't advise her to take it anymore if her ultimate goal is to work abroad.

    We have been advising people who don't have plans to work in the Phils. or if the State she chooses to work doesn't need the CGFNS Certification (exam included here) to not take the boards anymore and just go straight for NCLEX preparation. NCLEX preparation can be done by self-review as Suzanne said. Believe us on this.

    First step: choose the State where you want to work and live then take it from their. Don't hesitate to ask more questions here in the Int'l forum.

    BTW, we have a NCLEX discussion board in here:
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    about 20thousand for a review center... around that area near the university belt, a bedspacer would be charged anywhere from 2000 to 4000 monthly... allow about 200 for food per day including transpo. alot of people here are saying not to take the local board because it's not a requirement to work abroad. your sister should buy the saunders book, i'm guessing it's around 1,000pesos. your sister should take the nclex asap, also the ielts or toefl.