Indonesian Nurses in the US...How?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I just signed up today and have a pressing question for anyone who can help:

    ---What is the process for Indonesian nurses to work in the US?----

    I am a RN from the state of California and am working at a large Nursing Faculty in Indonesia. They have recently asked me to help them find opportunities for their graduates to work in the US.

    So far I have these questions:

    Is there an NCLEX testing site available in Indonesia?
    If so, details please!
    If not, where do Indonesian nurses go to take the NCLEX?

    Are you aware of nurses with Indonesian diplomas working in the US?

    Any other information on this topic is more than welcome!!!

    Thank you so much,
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    There is much that needs to be aware of and the main thing is RETROGRESSION. I would suggest a good read on the subject as they will be affected and looking at several years wait before getting a work visa. Each state will have their own requirements on what is required when trained outside the US and these have to be met before eligibility to sit NCLEX will be given.

    I strongly suggest a good read in this forum
  4. by   IndoBex
    Thank you for your feedback!

    I will surely check that out.

    And yes, I realize the work ahead of me to create this program will be both time-consuming and challenging.
    Since I am just now taking my first steps on this long journey, I really appreciate any tips or stories from those who have had experience facilitating job placement in the US for Asian (specifically Indonesian) educated nurses.

    Thanks again for your help, SilverDragon!
    Any other tips, folks?

  5. by   Ginger's Mom
    I just posted a link, the job market for nurses in the Northeast is tight. US nurses can't find positions. The trouble is if you get all you paper work done it will expire before visas and or positions. Read the posts here many IEN are now in the position of having their paper work expire.