Immigration Reform 04/09/07

  1. Bush just on television in a live broadcast from Yuma, Arizona discussiing Immigration Reform.......expected that something will be signed in August of this year.

    However, not one thing mentioned about nurses and the visas that they need. All was dealing with illegal immigration and placing of a fence between the Mexico and US borders.

    You can check out for more on his speech.
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  3. by   vermountindia
    In August, If he signed the bill which was introduced few weeks back, will it be ok for us, nurses?
    If he signed something which will cover only illegal immigrants and border security, then, there will be more chances for recapturing unused visas?
  4. by   jonRNMD
    the comprehensive immigration reform (cir) bill if made into law would cover not only illegals but legal immigrants as well. that is why it is "comprehensive" :spin:

    the cir is supposed to include recapturing unused visas from the past and/or allocating more visas for all employment categories including eb-3 visas(schedule a visas) that backlogged as far as 2002 for pic if the cir is signed into law this year, all employment-based visas would be "current"
  5. by   suzanne4
    What it is supposed to do, and what actually happens are two very different things. There will be many changes to the CIR bill before it is approved.

    Even with what they are trying to do with the illegals that are here now from south of the border, they would have to pay $3500 for the visa to be here, and then go home to their country and apply for the green card from there and have to pay $10,000. And this is what Bush has in his list, so expect many changes to be made. What you see there now, is not guaranteed to be there when and if this gets signed.

    Please do not put all of your hopes into this one bill.

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