If you passed CA Nclex-RN does it mean that you are now a registered nurse in CA?

  1. I passed NCLEX_RN in CA last 2009. My question is If you passed CA Nclex-RN does it mean that you are now a registered nurse in CA? and if you passed would they give you a license number right away? thanks
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  3. by   steppybay
    I think once you provide the CA BON of your valid SSN, then you're truly registered.
  4. by   roseannabiog16
    Hi STEPPYBAY! thanks for the reply.. did you mean that if you cannot provide SSN they will not also give you a license number? Because I'm planning to endorse my NCLEX in Texas and i think a license number is required.. Thanks
  5. by   dragon_lady
    Cali BON will only issue a license number and card if you have a valid SSN.You are a registered nurse but since you cannot comply with a valid SSN within the timeframe the board gave to you,your file will be destroyed but they'll keep your exam result.
    With regards of endorsement,some states require a valid SSN and a license number.
  6. by   dragon_lady
    Yeah steppybay is right,my bad.Sorry.You met the minimum requirement for the state licensure but you're not registered as a nurse until you provide a valid SSN.
  7. by   roseannabiog16
    thanks DRAGON_LADY! could you please give me more advice. My case is like this. i passed the CA NCLEX-RN last May 2009 but i was not able to provide them SSN. Which mean i will not be able to get a license number also as you mentioned. Do you also mean that I'm not eligible to endorse my NCLEX in Texas. Because i know someone with the same case with me who already endorsed his NCLEX in Texas. but i cannot contact him anymore to ask some more advise. .. I'm also confused with the Texas board of Nursing Verification Of Registered NUrse licensure form. here's the link http://www.bon.texas.gov/olv/pdfs/rn-verif.pdf particularly PART II and Part III.. im confused who's going to fill out that.. If the Licensing Board of my country (PHILIPPINES)? or the CA BON where i passed the NCLEX. thanks in advance..
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    You have no license to endorse, generally you have to apply for license by application and arrange with CA to forward NCLEX result to the new state who will issue a license as long as a US SSN isn't required and we are seeing more states saying this is a federal requirements