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  1. suggest please a good ielts review center. thank you. can you please add the contanct numbers please. ty.
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  3. by   suzanne4

    They are located in Australia but do the best job of preparing and you can do it 100% on-line. Many here have used them and with great success. And they are much cheaper than the review centers that you will find in the Philippines.
  4. by   yeljet
    Another option is to order their Manual/Handbook. It has CD where you can practice the Listening part.

    The only thing you can't validate during the practice is the Writing section but you will have an idea from actual work of examinees and the corresponding comments/corrections made by the checker.
  5. by   mey
    how was the speaking part? how do they practice speaking? ty
  6. by   yeljet
    You'll hear actual spoken exam through the cd. There are also comments on how do they grade re: accent, grammar, fluency, etc.

    Sample topic questions can also be found on the book, so you can practise either by yourself or with someone. You can also record your answer and listen to it afterwards.
  7. by   capricorn74
    it's my first time to post a message..
    with regards to a good review center..
    based on my personal experience, i just attended the one day review session in british council..then did my own review at home...
    i just bought review materials - ielts 404 & ielts 101 are of great help helped me passed ielts with good set of band scores..
    hope i was able to help you mey..
  8. by   ernbabjr
    Ei capricorn were can i purchase that ielts materials-ielts 404 & ielts 101. thanks
  9. by   Lone Stranger
    Quote from ernbabjr
    Ei capricorn were can i purchase that ielts materials-ielts 404 & ielts 101. thanks
    Drop by the IDP Education Australia on the 2nd Floor of the Pioneer House at the corner of Paseo de Roxas and Greenbelt One (right across the street from Starbucks and KFC and just above 40 Winks furniture store). Go up to the counter and ask for them. Specify the Academic since that's what you'll be taking. They're pricey though but a lot better than the eye-ruining knockoffs you'll find at the PRC street.
  10. by   suzanne4
    Have any of you bothered to check out the Scott's English site? You will find them cheaper than what you are going to find in Manila, and you do the speaking section on-line with them as well.

    A CD does not work for speaking section alone, you need to have someone listening to you.
  11. by   msdreamchaser
    yep i have seen the site you offered suzanne and it's cheaper...
    thanks im planning to apply online!
  12. by   suzanne4
    And I have seen excellent results with it.
  13. by
    hi suzanne!!! ive been searching for an excellent online ielts review. how do the scott's english review us in speaking?? im just a lil bit confused. thanks!
  14. by   Isabella2345
    Hi there! I think different centers cater to different needs. I enrolled in two review centers. The first one did not really help as they told me my Writing and Speaking are already a 7.0. I got 6.0 and 6.5 in both. Then I went to Perfect Nine which is now located at Cubao. They explained to me how writing and speaking are evaluated in a way that I understood. I was able to focus on my weaknesses. I got a perfect 7.0 on my third take. Finally! Their website is Good luck to all those who will take the IELTS!
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