ielts passer b4 visascreen application - page 2

Hi guys, I just have a question regarding the visascreen application. I pased the ielts before i applied for visascreen. So, i wasn't able to request ielts to submit the results to the... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    If the British council do not send results electronically have you confirmed with them that they have sent results to CGFNS? You may also find it necessary to talk to CGFNS and explain that the British Council is sending the results via snail mail as they don't do it electronically
  2. by   RomSL
    I paid for the Visa Screen, however, the results of the IELTS didn't appear in my profile. I asked the British council to send a hard copy of the test report form. Lets see if that helps.