ICN: Ethical nurse recruitment.

  1. international council of nurses. (2001). ethical nurse recruitment

    icn position:
    icn and its member associations firmly believe that quality health care is directly dependent on an adequate supply of qualified and committed nursing personnel, and support the evidence that links good working conditions with quality service provision.

    icn recognises the right of individual nurses to migrate[1], and confirms the potential beneficial outcomes of multicultural practice and learning opportunities supported by migration. the council acknowledges the adverse effect that international migration may have on health care quality in countries seriously depleted of their nursing workforce.

    icn condemns the practice of recruiting nurses to countries where authorities have failed to implement sound human resource planning and to seriously address problems which cause nurses to leave the profession and discourage them from returning to nursing.

    icn denounces unethical recruitment practices that exploit nurses or mislead them into accepting job responsibilities and working conditions that are incompatible with their qualifications, skills and experience.

    icn recognises the benefits of circular migration and calls for mechanisms to support nurses who wish to return to their home countries.

    icn and its member national nurses associations call for a regulated recruitment process based on ethical principles that guide informed decision-making and reinforce sound employment policies on the part of governments, employers and nurses, thus supporting fair and cost-effective recruitment and retention practices.
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    Thank you for posting this as a reminder of what is ethical.