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HI! I am an NCLEX passer (from the Philippines and I am still waiting for my I-140 to get approved) since May 13,2008. The California Board of Nursing hasn't given my license since I don't have my... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    CES would probably be better as it is accepted by most universities if you plan on furthering your education
  2. by   idaRN
    Hi! I have a question... A friend of mine from the Philippines just failed her NCLEX exam. Does she need to reapply to retake her exam even if her eligibility letter is not yet expired? And if she needs to reapply to retake will she be needing SSN?

  3. by   frustrated_USRN
    did she apply for NCLEX California?
  4. by   frustrated_USRN
    I think your friend needs to wait for 45 days before she can retake the exams at the same time she needs to pay the testing fee of $200..
  5. by   frustrated_USRN
    @IdaRN i got this information from ncsbn.org

    Candidates must wait a minimum of 45 or 90 days between each examination. This length of time is determined by the board of nursing and will be reflected in the new ATT’s validity dates.

    Please Note – If you missed an exam appointment or your ATT expired, you do NOT have to wait the 45 or 90 day period before you can retest. Questions regarding testing limits, resubmitting materials, background checks, or licensing fees should be directed to your board of nursing.

    Links to all boards of nursing websites and contact information are available on the Contact a Board of Nursing page.

    To retake the NCLEX examination:

    Contact your board of nursing and notify them that you plan to re-take the exam. Determine what materials or fees you need to resubmit to the board.
    Reregister with Pearson VUE and pay the $200 dollar fee.
    Once the board makes you eligible you will receive a new Authorization to Test (ATT) and be able to schedule an exam date.
    I hope this helps..
  6. by   idaRN
    Thanks so much for the info. Yup, she applied in CA Board of Nursing.

    So as I understood the info, she doesn't need to reapply, pay $75 for reapplication and submit all paperworks again since she is still is eligible (eligibility expiring Oct. 2011). She just needs to register again with pearsonvue and pay $200 and wait for a new ATT. If that is so, that's a great news because CABON asks for SSN for reapplication which she doesn't have. That will give her another chance to retake the exam.

    Thanks so much for the info.
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Check with the BRN because some do do a charge for reassessment because she will need a new ATT as ATT is only good for 1 use. If the BRN requires a SSN then she may find she will not get the OK to sit if she has no SSN to submit to them. We have had several members post last year that they could not apply to resit because they had no SSN.
  8. by   idaRN
    I was trying to call CABON for 2 days now but with high volume of callers I wasn't able to get through. But I'll still try to give them a call to be sure. Thanks!