I Hate Cgfns!

  1. HI everyone :
    I am an RN already working in the U.S. right now. I want to share you my experience with CGFNS. I had ETS forward my tse score on Oct.8 to receive the visa screen certificate. Well, cgfns said it takes two weeks to receive and process the score. Three weeks later, they still don't have my score. During this period, I had been making numberous calls to check if they have it, the representitive's attitude is as mean as hell. ETS has comfirmed that the score has been sent electronically. I don't know where the problem is and I am so frustrated now. I had ETS to send my score over cgfns again but until two weeks or more later, I won't know if they'll have my score in their system or not. If not, another two weeks had passed, and I will get denied because I didn't send the certificate on time as directed by immigration. Can someone tell me what to do?
    I even talked to cgfns' supervisor, no help at all.
    Another question is I am already in the US, is there an interview that I have to go to in order to get the green card after I summit all the document? Well, My I 485 is reviewed, and they give me a deadline which is December to submit the visa screen certificate. That's why I am so frustrated because I don't have much time to wait the damn cgfns to "process." If I am fortunate enough to submit the document on time, How long does it take for them to issure the greencard? Is there a interview that I have to go to? Does anyone have bad experience with cgfns? please share your experience! Thanks!
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  3. by   nurseMargo

    I think you go for an interview only in special cases.
  4. by   nurseMargo
    What did the supervisor say to you???
  5. by   suzanne4
    Do not get bent out of shape. I take it that you applied for an AOS once you were in the US? Immigration wants proof that you passed the English exams, that is what they are looking for. As long as you can provide that.

    What did the letter ask for specificaly that you received from immigration?
  6. by   actionbee
    The immigration is looking for the visascreen and a proof of contining employment for the hospital I work for.
  7. by   suzanne4
    Did it specifically state Visa Screen or proof of your language requirements?