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I just want to ask if anyone in this forum who has a proirity date of August. Mine was August 1, 2006 and was filed in Nebraska visa center and up to now there's no approval yet. I'm just worried... Read More

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    Hi Silverdragon102 !!! Would you know in what steps of processing the petition would become invalid , is it in the USCIS or NVC:uhoh21: ? A friend of mine applied for an H1-C while she has a pending petition under I-140. Is that prohibited?
    Becomes invalid before it has everything approved, and can still be denied at the US Embassy at interview date.

    The H1-C contracts are normally for two years, and most are in areas that no one will work, such as there are only 14 facilities in the US that meet that criteria. Worst possible thing that anyone can do is plan to work under the H1-C, the areas are many times very dangerous and no Americans will work there and they are severely short of staff.

    Big mistake, when you try to skirt around things, and are in a hurry, it will turn around and bite them. Nost do not even last a few weeks on that visa, things can be that bad, and then the nurse risks getting deported.