I-140 petition denied for EB3

  1. Hello there,
    Recently my I-140 recapture petition got denied due to unknown reasons .does anyone here encountered the same scenario ? I am an abandoned nurse from IND having PD of 2007.In Oct 2017 my new employer had filed I-140 petition and I received 2 RFE within these 7 months & I was informed that my petition got denied last week. I don't know the reasons behind. Can anyone render your valuable suggestions ? do I again have to start from the scratch?
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  3. by   The_Gift
    well 1st thing 1st your gonna have to wait until you get the notice and see what the reason is
  4. by   Elizabeth Suresh
    Yes my employer did receive the notice from USCIS and the reason was not updated to me as its seems to be confidential they say
  5. by   The_Gift
    well they have to let you know on why your application was denied maybe you should try and call the USCIS and see if they can give you more info
  6. by   wanderRNs
    Who is your employer? Mass filing of I-140 is one of the common reasons for denial.
  7. by   Chigo2
    My i140 was also denied last year June,after a RFE my agency filled again this year febuary although I still got aRFE which I informed that USCIS is questioning their abilly to pay my salary in the us.
    I finally go approval 3 weeks ago..

    Some agencies that have fewer candidates are getting more approvals than the ones with too many candidates.

    If your agency can give permission or end your contract with them,you can actually try using another agency.