how to find the job?

  1. I'v took the Texas RN license a few weeks ago and it need to be renewed next October. Since I am no the students graduated from US nursing school, how can I find the hospital or nursing home in Texas by myself? And how to find the employers who have abilities to sponsor my green card when the EB-3 is current in future.

    Is there anyone working in Texas right now? Please give me some information. Thanks!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    what is your current status?
  4. by   roseuglyfish
    Quote from Silverdragon102
    what is your current status?
    My visa status is F2, so I can't find job now. But I want to do some preparation before the things changed.

    Please give me your suggestion, thank you!
  5. by   Nuieve
    Answer is simple: open yellow book or any other phone registry and start calling all hospitals and nursing homes you can find in your area. I called a few random nursing homes and ALL wanted to sponsor me (Oregon). I bet same will happen to you.
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    As said in previous post you ask around at local hospitals for a petitioner. Not a lot can be done due to retrogression and plenty of threads in the sticky International students in the US regarding keeping your status current whilst waiting