How to become RSCN reg?

  1. Hiya folks
    Kaylesh here.. I'm a Adult registered RN who was born and trained in the US where as some of you know we have to be trained in all areas.Been here in Scotland for almost 5 years
    My query is after years of doing only Adult nursing I'm extremely interested in going into Pediatrics/Neonatal.. Now this would of been fairly easy in the US.. would of meant a cut in pay but wouldn't of been too difficult..
    Here in the UK i've no idea on how to go about changing branches or how to become both sick kids and adult trained?
    Can anyone help as far as where to look and/or costs of doing this?
    Many Many thanks to any who answer..
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  3. by   donmurray
    If you go to and click on "How to become a nurse" (I know!) there are some contact addresses. Some Scottish too!