How to apply for Australia Clinical Placement as a foreign student nurse?

  1. Hi

    I'm a Final Year Student Nurse from Singapore. I will be graduating from a 3 years diploma nursing course in early May'07.

    Most likely I will have a 2 months break ( May & June) before starting to work as a new Registered Nurse in July. I will like to make full use of my 2 months break to gain some overseas learning clinical experience.

    However, I do not know which hospital opens this learning opportunities for foreign student nurse.

    Can anyone advice me the process of applying? And which hospital should I apply to? How much usually does one has to pay for the clinical placement?

    Any info will be helpful.

    Thank you !

    Jen Tang
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  3. by   gwenith
    The difficulties you will run into with this are that you HAVE to go through a university and/or bridging course.

    The reason is so that you are covered by workplace health and safety and all other legislation.

    Sorry but it is not as easy as it sounds.

    On the other hand it does not hurt to try and many hospitals have Education centres where you could apply and they might be interested in setting this up for you.
  4. by   JenTang12
    Thanks Gwenith for your reply! :-)

    Alright, I will surf for more info and find out if there are any hospitals setting up the Education centres to take in foreign student nurse.

    If not, i will find out from the universities and see if they have the short term bridging courses available for the foreign student nurse.
  5. by   gwenith
    Try USQ - University of Southern Queensland - I know a Singaporean nurse who got her degree through them.
  6. by   victorian
    how much would a health insurance cost in melbourne and how do you apllyu for one? online? i am being required to avail of one? plus would you know how long would the processing be if i were to apply for a student visa by this december? how long would it take if i were to apply for an occupational trainee visa?