How can I become a How can I become a/an Emergency, PACU, OR, MS or Hospice Nurse?

  1. Hi guys. I am a RN here in the Philippines. This is my situation, I graduated last March 2006, reviewed for 3 months for the local board exam here, passed the NLE last June 2006, reviewed for NCLEX for 3 months then I will take my NCLEX on March 2007. Can I still be considered as a new graduate? Anyway, I want to become an Emergency, PACU, OR or MS Nurse, so my question is, can I become a Hospice Nurse right away or not? What are the requirements needed? Like for example, do I have to undergo training, do I have to attend seminar, do I have to have an online review, do I have to go to school again, do I have to work for at least a year or two, etc.
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    You do not have to have special training to get a job a a hospice nurse. It is generally on the job training and hopefully wherever you work will train you well. There are many opportunities for learning after you've started. Have you been working as a nurse since you took the test in June? If you have already been working, I would imagine that you would not be treated as a new grad. It would be good to have some hospital experience before becoming a hospice nurse. On a side note, the nurses I have met that have been trained in the Philippines were some of the best clinicians I've ever worked with (when I worked in the hospital.) I think the training there must be excellent.
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    When you come to the US, you will be considered a new grad. You have listed a wide range of choices there, do you actually have any idea as to what each requires? Most will have their own training, and many hospitals will only recruit for Med-surg to start off before going into a specialty area.