How are Canadian Nurses paid with respect to the US???

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    Sifting through all these messages here, I find that almost EVERYONE complains about low pay. Well, I'm wondering. I'm entering nursing school, and many many people have said the pay is GOOD! I live in Saskatchewan, and I'm not positive what base pay is, but I know we're pretty close to Alberta, which has a ceiling of 36 bucks an hour. I think base is around 26??

    I've been told that I'll be making $30 an hour by the time im finished school in 4 years. Are the people I'm talking to mislead? If so, how is this bad pay? Are people in Alberta and Sask being paid MORE than people in the US? Because I'm sure I wouldn't mind getting paid $26 an hour...

    many people here say they make around $17, and they're RN's! That just seems so low!
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  3. by   fergus51
    I didn't think Alberta's ceiling was 36 for staff nurses. Those who say they make 17 are talking american bucks, so figure 24 CDN$. hs links to other provinces unions and their collective agreements. If you are willing to move, you will make the most money in the US (California, Texas and NYC all pay well). BC goes from 25-32 and Ontario goes from 22-32, but don't forget most of the top wages are for nurses with 9 years of full time under their belts.
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Fergus is right... Alberta's ceiling is $32.42 for nurses with nine years of full time experience. I have eight years of PICU and special care experience, but at about 70% FTE, so am only making $29.45 an hour. We are currently in negotiations but aren't asking for a big increase. The health care employer group wants to roll back almost every article of our contract, so the whole ball o' wax is in the hands of a (government appointed) mediator. His recommendation is 3.5% this year, 3% next year and COLA in the third year. The rest of his recommendations are totally unacceptable, so watch for things to get quite volatile here.
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  5. by   saskrn
    I am a SK trained RN working in the states. I have never worked in Canada, but was told by an RN friend in S'toon that she makes in the $20's. As far as US wages, CA is the highest paying state in the country, and it is normal to make in the $30's. I have recently been offered other positions in WA and ID that are in the high $20's to $30's. MT can't compete with these wages. States such as KS, and more southern states pay much lower. I have heard as low as $10 in KS.
    (All posted wages are in US funds, except SK, of course!)
  6. by   TravellinGuy
    When you grduate you will probably be making in the high 20's. Pay in the US varies greatly from State to State and can be researched by calling recruiters or logging onto different hospital websites.
    Keep in mind other options other than full time. I just left a hospital in Philadelphia where I worked strictly pool staff and on weekends night shift the wage was $58/hour.
    Unless you have a really good reason for staying in Sask I would recommend doing a lot of shopping around for work.
  7. by   nurse1975_25
    In Ontario and starting wage for a new grad here is 21.12 for full timers and 13% in lieu added on to that for part timers. Every 1500 hours you go up a pay level. There are also add ons for night shifts and weekend shifts but to be honest I am unsure about how much they are. Top wage is 32. and change.