How about anyone from Canada moving to the USA?Thats my plan in 2 years.

  1. Any LPN's or RN's move to the states?How did it work out?maple
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  3. by   ahindle
    If you hear back from anyone, please forward to me as well. I am planning on moving this summer, already studying for my NYCLEX exam. I have posted this question on several nurse message bpards, only 1 person has replied to date. (best thing she ever did, politics are the same, makes $23/hr as an RPN)

    Where are you moving from? I am in Ontario.
  4. by   canoehead
    I've done it, and I recommend it, PM me with any specific questions.
  5. by   maple
    Hi guys,well,I am from BC and will be moving to Florida(if all stays the same with my boyfriend there)or Texas where I have a sister who nurses there as well.My plan is to hook up with one of the nursing recruiting agencies,have talked to many and there are some good ones out there,ready and willing to help in all possible ways.I am an LPN trying to slowly upgrade myself to eventually a degree.My move will be in 2 years when my kids go off to university.The opportunities are endless in the states,may not be as great as Canada,but what the hell,you only live once,have to explore right?Later.Maple
  6. by   fergus51
    I went as a new grad, back when there were no nursing jobs in Canada. I have since come back. It's kind of a trade off. The US was great as far as wages and opportunities for educational advancement and weather!!! I tend to prefer the health care system here (and I don't miss the cost of my private health insurance!). You might also want to consider travel nursing and see more of the country. That's what I would like to do in a few years.
  7. by   kmaryniak
    Well, here I am in "sunny California", and it has not been that big bed of roses I was promised. I had issues with the Board of Nursing in getting my California license (after nursing in Canada for 14 years, including as an instructor). The hospital also gave me a lot of promises for assisting my family and I. They have not come through, and I am still having immigration issues. I am planning on relocating again, and probably still within the US, for now. But, my goal is to return to Canada when I have saved some money. So far, however, it's still paycheck to paycheck living. My problems have mainly come from the hospital, so I am not generalizing for working in the US. My main advice? Whatever is promised to you, GET IT IN WRITING! I have learned this the hard way, but have learned from my mistakes. I hope others will, too. Just remember that nurses are valuable commodities, so check out all of your options.:kiss
  8. by   MEtheBabiesRN
    Hey Kimmy2, we miss you in the SCN. Guess who?
    You're right. You need to get everything in writing. And after 3 years in the US we never did get our greencards. What a nightmare INS is. My advice. Travel nurse. You don't want to commit long term to a place and then find out you don't like it.
  9. by   Isabel Lobes
    Hi Every one,

    Your conversations seems interesting and complicated as well. I am in the process of moving from Pakistan to Texas in few months. I am registered with RNABC in Canada and can immigrate there as well on the other hand my application is in the INS and it should be processed in couple of months so now I am confused now for the move.

    Since I am from Pakistan and have a family, I would jump to any good offer but I hope that I make the right decision now So I was wondering should I get to Canada or stick to US. Could anyone of you let me know pros & cons?

    Please help!
  10. by   maple
    Isabel: Canada is a great country,but very cold,where I live is the warmest place in the country right now.My hospital is always looking for RN's,and are very hard to find because we are a rural town,if you are interested and would like more info please email me at
  11. by   fergus51
    With the political situation in BC I would be very careful. I am currently in BC and have decided to leave.
  12. by   maple
    I do know what you mean,where in BC are you,not that it matters much does it!maple
  13. by   RNonsense
    I'm in BC and thinking of leaving...
  14. by   maple
    Not looking goood for BC.maple