HOngkong Hotels: Please help me choose

  1. hello guys,

    I bought my tickets already from CEBUPACIFIC, its on sale and now I am looking for hotels to stay. We will book our hotel stay online, hopefully its safe and according to some alot cheaper than calling a travel agency. Can you guys help me choose where we can stay? These are the hotels:

    1. Ramada hotel - central district but i think more on the western district.
    advantage: the tram is just outside the hotel

    2. Wharney hotel - wan chai location
    3. Novotel Harbour view - SHEUNG WAN location
    4. central park hotel - central district, nearest hotel near Grand Millenium Plaza but also the most expensive of the 4.

    The prices range from 212 to 270 US dollars (triple occupancy) since I'll be taking my exam with two other friends.

    And this is a stupid question but I need to ask haha. When I was checking the room rates online, I put of course that we will stay in 1 room and the adults will be 3 and of course for 2 nights and 3 days. The total bill is from 212 to 270 US dollars. Is that 212/270 per head.. or for the whole room. If its for the whole room than thats good we can divide the total to 3. Although I did get a reply from the hotel website that they charge only per room not per person.

    I just want to make sure so they wont charge us each LOL. And I read somewhere here from the HOngkong experience tips, that the hotel charged them both 500 dollars but they stayed in just one room with double bed.

    Some of the hotels don't have this triple occupancy so can I just book for double occupancy and one of us can be a "sneak in" extra bed, is that even legal? haha. I heard with the triple occupancy room, the third one will also sleep in an extra bed anyway.

    We will be arriving a whole day earlier so we have time to check out the testing site and hongkong.
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  3. by   mizukichan
    hello... i've been to hong kong last november and I would like to suggest the evergreen hotel. they have a room with triple occupancy there. it is located between yau ma tei and jordan and the jordan mtr to sheung wan is also near here. check out their rates in hotelclub.net

    A friend of mine recommended to have an online reservation so i go for it. their rates are cheaper compared to hotels located really near the sheung wan district. plus if you want to go shopping, temple street is located near the hotel (just a few walks) and if you want to change your money to HKD, a money changer is just nearby. free breakfast is also included in your stay. the place may not be very marvelous (it is because there is a construction going on in their building) but transportation is not a problem (no problem getting from the airport to hotel, riding the mtr to the testing center) and also the testing center is just a few walks when you get out from sheung wan mtr exit. you can check out their hotel website. (evergreenhotel.com)

    Also try to have an online reservation, it is much more cheaper than contacting the hotel directly with their website and they are on a discounted price. we go to hong kong the 4 of us and we only get the standard twin room. we feared that the hotel may charge us extra but when we left, they did not charge anything when we have an extra person with us. they are not strict... problem is that extra person won't have the free buffet breakfast. we stayed in the hotel for 6 nights and it only cost us $400+ (the four of us)
    well it is still up to your decision what hotel you are going to take...i tell you... transportation to the testing site is no problem when riding the mtr...

    well that's all and hotel is near the kowloon park... not totally near but can be reached walking... and you can relax there.. the place is great... it is the only place where you can see greens... if you have questions just let me know ok../???

    mizukichan.... signing off... bzzztt...
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  4. by   bonsai_25
    thank you mizukichan, I am checking out the Ever green hotel right now. I will also consult my 2 other friends if they like it. the hotel is from Kowloon right? I am not familiar with hongkong. From the airport do you take the airport express station or the shuttle bus? I thought the airport is from another island, so I am not sure how you can take a shuttle bus. wah obviously I don't know anything about Hongkong. I thought hongkong island is nearer the airport than the kowloon island, I guess i was wrong -_-. BUt the subway is easy to use I guess, so no matter what island you are in, you won't have a problem right?

    Thank you very much.
  5. by   mizukichan
    in the evergreen hotel website, they have directions going to their hotel (download their pdf file on getting to the hotel). it is much better to take the bus when going to the hotel... much cheaper and since you are in no hurry, you can enjoy the scenery... it only cost you HKD 33 compared to the airport express HKD 80... the hotel is in kowloon and there's no trouble in getting around hong kong by mtr. and when your room is still not ready or you are early for their check-in time, you can enjoy going to kowloon park... it is great there... you can relax... and if you want to eat, you can try yoshoniya (im not sure about the name...)... when you have the map.. you have no problem...

    yes the airport is on lantau island... and i tell you there's no problem getting around hong kong... the hotel is on kowloon and the testing center is on hong kong island... you can try searching in the net about hong kong.. im also like you... i don't know about hong kong and when i get there, there's no problem getting around at all... well... good luck to you and your friends.. i also taking the exam next year... well good luck to all of us...
  6. by   bonsai_25
    Mizukichan THANK YOU THANK YOU :P

    I checked the evergreen hotel website and yes they really do offer nice packages for group of 3 but then I got carried away and checked all the kowloon hotels LOL. Here are the other list of hotels that offer cheap rates: The rates are from hotelclub.net and hoteltravel.com. If you like a hotel and you think its expensive you can give the hotel url to hoteltravel.com and they will give u a better price.

    Kowloon - all the hotels are near mrt and kcr stations and shopping malls and night markets
    2. BOOTH LODGE HONGKONG - Wing Sing Lane, Yau Ma Tei
    4. IMPERIAL HOTEL HONGKONG- Nathan Road - cheaper rate (hoteltravel)
    5. BP INTERNATIONAL HONGKONG - Austin Road, Tim Sha Tsui - cheaper rate(hotel travel)
    6. METROPARK HOTEL (METROPOLE HOTEL BEFORE) - waterloo road, Mongkok - cheaper rate (hoteltravel)

    Hongkong island
    1. COSCO HOTEL HONGKONG - Kennedy town
    2. RAMADA HOTEL - DES VOEUX road, central district
    3. NOvotel - Queen's road west, central district
    4. Wharney hotel - Lockhart road, wan chai
    5. Newton hotel - electric road, north point

    If its really easy to go to hongkong island, I might choose a Kowloon hotel since the stay will be more enjoyable because the famous night markets are there.

    Thank you again Mizukichan and Kiko.
  7. by   fruity
    Hi!...I've been to HK several times already, and the last one was last March...though I never took NCLEX there (took it in Saipan) If you haven't paid the airline tickets yet, I suggest get a complete package(like airline fees plus hotel) i guess withi this you'll save airport transfers which costs about $100-150HK...And if you'll sum it all up...I think It will be a lot more cheaper than buying it separately...Just a suggestion though..... Hotels in Tsim sha tsui area are the nicest.... affordable and near to everyhting...
  8. by   mizukichan
    you're very welcome... that cleared up your mind, eh?? :spin:
    i'm glad you did find a lot of hotels that satisfy your need as a group...
    good luck again in taking your exam... (wish me luck also... )
    i'm also trying to check out the hoteltravel.com for my next online reservation...
    hope you can guide me next time...

    mizukichan signing off... bzzzt....
  9. by   bonsai_25
    thanks fruity, I tried to look for agencies that offer cheap travel packages but it still look more expensive than when you book your flights and hotels directly online. I already compared the price from booking online + transportation and agency prices, its still cheaper online huhu. Plus agencies make you pay per head when hotels offer it per room which is alot cheaper. I am going with 2 other friends so I guess it will be cheaper for me to book online.

    Yes, the hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui and Yau ma tei look promising and they are near the MRT STATION so we won't have problems going to Grand Millenium Plaza. I will probably choose one from there. Thanks for the suggestion but I already bought the tickets so I have no choice but to look for hotels and not for complete travel packages. :P

    Goodluck Mizukichan!! We will both take it next year so goodluck to you. And I am still researching and researching about Hongkong haha but if I can help you just message me

    Hope somebody can post the transportation rates like HK airport express is 120HK now i think. Octupus card costs like 150HK? How about the bus? taxi rates?
  10. by   renzlao
    i went to ramada hotel. it was fine.
  11. by   mizukichan
    Quote from bonsai_25

    Goodluck Mizukichan!! We will both take it next year so goodluck to you. And I am still researching and researching about Hongkong haha but if I can help you just message me

    Hope somebody can post the transportation rates like HK airport express is 120HK now i think. Octupus card costs like 150HK? How about the bus? taxi rates?
    ei...bonsai... you can visit this website MTR Corporation Limited
    here you can check the fares.... (MTR only)
    or try searching in yahoo citybus in hong kong... visit the hongkong international airport website... they provide information for the tourist to know more about hong kong.... and here's a little bit of information which i got from the hong kong visitor's kit booklet...:smilecoffeecup:

    TAXIS Urban taxis are red, green in the New Territories and blue on Lantau island. Flag fall is HKD 15, 12.5, 12 respectively for the first2 kilometers.Additional charges of HKD 1.40, 1.20 respectively apply for every o.2 kilometers thereafter. Extra charges for tunnel and bridge tolls, driver's return toll and luggage handling. Always ask for a receipt. This can help you track down lost items or the taxi driver.By law, passengers are requires to use seatbelts provided in Hong Kong taxis...

    MASS TRANSIT RAILWAY (MTR) Try the efficient underground rail system, the MTR, that covers all majorurban areas and provides a convenient jumping-off point for getting to leading tourist attractions. Apart from the Airport Express, there are six lines: the Island, Tsuen Wan, Kwun Tong, Tseung Kwan O, Tung Chung and Disneyland Resort.

    FERRIES A plethora of ferries ply the waters of Hong Kong connecting HOng Kong Island, Kowloon, and the outlying islands. Star Ferry is the HOng Kong's most scenic and inexpensive mode of travel across Victoria Harbour. Ferries travel between Kowloon and Hong kong island from piers in Tsim Sha Tsui and Hung HOm in Kowloon and Central and Wan Chai on the island. Adult fare for an upper deck seat is HKD 2.20 to 5.30, depending on route.


    here's the list on major transportation in Hong Kong... and sorry if I did not include the bus in hong kong.... well ... i hope this will help you on your journey to hong kong... there's always free booklets, maps which you can get when you arrive in the hong kong international airport... just visit the websites above....

    here always to lend a hand.... :angel2:
  12. by   bonsai_25
    aww thanks Mizukichan you are so nice :P I am checking the mtr right now because somebody told me that if your hotel is from KOWLOON you have to interchange mtr at central to go to sheung wan station. I hope that is not true. Its just one railway track -_-

    done checking...wahh ITS TRUE. What station is near Grand Millenium plaza is it central or sheung wan? from pearson's instructions its sheung wan.

    I guess its not hard to transfer from one mtr station to another.
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  13. by   mizukichan
    it is true that you have to interchange track when you go to sheung wan... (you change track from the red tung chung line to the blue island line) but you cannot encounter any problems when you interchange... just follow the signs and you won't get lost... trust me... FOLLOW THE SIGNS...

    Sheung wan is the nearest station to Grand millenium plaza... when you get out the exit and turn left a little... there it is the 2 big buildings... on the left is the grand millenium plaza and the on the right is the cosco tower.... you really can't miss it.. hope this helps...
  14. by   bonsai_25
    Ohhh i can kiss you mizukichan haha Mwahh thanks alot
    Goodluck to your exam, I know you can do it.