1. Have any of you ever worked at/ done a clinical rotation at Homewood in Guelph? I am in a RPN program and I am doing my mental health rotation there for 14 weeks starting next month.All I know is that I am paired up with an Registered Practical Nurse that works there. I am looking forward to it and i know that it is a good facility but i was wondering if there was anyone who could share anything they know about the place.
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  3. by   linzz
    I was supposed to go there during my last six weeks but I ended up doing all my 12 weeks in med-surg. I have heard good things about it and I wished that I had gone there as I didn't like med-surg but I did learn a lot. From what I hear about psych nursing, one of the major priorities is safety of the patients and doing lots of rounds and care plans.
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