Hiring Process/Nurse Training at St. Lukes QC

  1. hey people!


    I am writing this new post because I need your help, advice or whatsoever regarding the employment process at St.Lukes QC. because that last thread that I posted, I hadn't had any replies yet ( boo hoo!) and I hope posting a new one would give me a lot of responses immediately.

    Q:Can you please give me the detailed steps on the hiring/employment process at St. Lukes QC? Like in the qualifying exams, skills validation and interviews?

    thank you in advance.

    I hope you would help not only me but also those nurses who needs tips and info! hehe God bless us all

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  3. by   Biffbradford
    Just to be clear, this is St Lukes hospital somewhere in Quebec?
  4. by   JSBoston
    You're probably NOT going to get a LOT of responses "immediately", for the hiring process of a specific hospital... why don't you call the hospital itself and ask instead of writing a post? I love all nurses.com, but sometimes it's best to ask the source.
  5. by   leanmachine
    The location is probably in the Philippines.
    I agree with JBoston to call the hospital and ask. Or check the hospital's website.

    If this is in the Philippines, I understand why you post here first as hiring process is much different there. I know some people(some relatives) who work at St. Lukes and pretty much I am aware of how to get a job there based on some stories told by them.
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    If you are looking for information about a specific hospital it is best to post in the local are specific states for US hospitals, or specific country under international nursing.

    Call the facility or check the facility's website. If this is for a hospital in the Philippines then you should be posting in the Filipino nursing forum under international nursing to get a potential response.