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Hi I am new, my hubby found this website and suggested I join. I am currenlty a 3rd year student in England. Qualify next August, long-term I am considering moving to the US as I have friends out... Read More

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    Quote from english_nurse
    if i were you i would try to swap those four weeks on learning disability placement to a maternity placement if you can.
    unfortunately its very common for newly qualified students not to fulfill the criteria but sometimes there are ways around it, i think some places offer extra certified courses, for which there is a link on this forum somewhere.
    have you done any problem based learning on the 3 areas silverdragon talked about as this can sometimes be put as theory hours on your nursing school transcript, this may make all the difference.
    good luck, its a long hard journey, but well worth it im told
    You a lot of RN's over here-do just 2 years nursing to be a Registered nurse have to do lots of pre-requists which is theory based before they get on the training courses.
    I met a nurse who just finished and she had done no med/surg nursing and did 3 weeks on a med surg floor to qualify.
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    Are you trying to say I talk to much
    Absolutely not!!