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    Thanks for replying to my post, I am pleased to hear you have worked as an ODP nurse in the private sector , I would really like some help with a query of mine if that is okay...I know zilch about the independent sector, where could i find out info? and could you tell me a little more about your role please? I am really nervous about my interview and I don't know what kind of questions they may ask me about the role and how much info i will have to know about the private sector...do you enjoy the job??

    any advice will be much appreciated


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  3. by   RGN1
    HI there!

    You're best off contacting hospitals directly and arranging to visit them informally, if you've time. You can say that you haven't worked in the independent sector before so you wanted to look prior to your interview, you can then fleece the person showing you round for ideas! If not a good scout of their website should give you an idea. I don't think they would expect you to know an awful lot about the independent sector but pep them up with nice comments about the working environment, the variety & the new challenges a job like this will bring you etc. Make sure you have some questions you want to ask them - the sort of study days you might be offered, what it's like to work for them - after all you've only known the NHS up until now!

    I have moved on to the wards of another independent hospital since my OPD years but I know things are still pretty much the same so here goes:

    First I love working in the private sector - you get a lot more support & paid study days, at least that has been my own experience.

    The downside is that the pay often ends up working out less than the NHS because a lot of private hospitals pay you a flat wage for the year which is inclusive of unsocial hours & bank holidays. However, that is NOT always the case - each hospital is different.The trade off is a much nicer working environment & usually better parking facilities!

    In OPD the role is very much more varied than in the NHS. For example, if you're doing an ophthalmic clinic & the patient has a cyst the consultant is likely to ask you to go set up the treatment room & to deal with it during that clinic, with you being the assistant. Or to book it on to the next clinic -whichever, you'll be scrub nurse! You also tend to build up good working relationships with your regular consultants so you know what they'll need & they come to rely on you a bit - it's nice when this happens - & it frequently does. That way you often end up expanding your role - for instance I learned to take the measurements of the lens required for cataract surgery (biometry) & to do field tests to name just a couple.

    Most independent sector OPD nurses are expected to do blood tests, ECG's, dressing clinics, holiday vaccinations, flow-rates for urology patients & provide pre & post-op teaching. Also you have to keep the clinics running, set up the rooms & assist with various procedures such as colposcopy, sigmoidoscopy etc. It can be quite hard work but it truth I loved it. Just be prepared for pulling sticky labels off EVERYTHING you use & sticking on to a patient charge card.

    As I said I'm now back on the wards (because of wanting to escape this country) but chose to leave the NHS for the Private sector once again (having done a year following my return to nursing). I'm so very happy I did too. I wasn't even there a year before I'd done my critical care course, immediate life support (next up from basic) all the mandatory study days & got promoted!! Now they want to send me on a Management of Care course which is BTEC level 4 qualification.

    So in short I don't think it's a bad career move, I don't think I made the wrong move & yes, I am truly very happy!

    I wish you all the best & PLEASE let me know how it all goes! If I can be of any further assistance then don't hesitate to ask.
  4. by   TinaK

    I cannot believeee it , they offered me the post!! ...I was in such shock when they told me that I got the post for the OPD/Pre-Assessmemt nurse,..I couldnt thank them enough, am really excited, I won't start till april but Im really looking forward to it! Apparently they interviewed 9 other people, I really didn't think they would give it to me as I only have 4months post reg experience so I am ever so pleased...I am hoping my references will be okay though , it seems to good to be true, I have a fear they will retract the offer or something...

    I will be working for the BMI healthcare hospitalsand it seems a realllly nice place... I have a query for you RGN1... what will happen to my drug administration and IV skills?? in OPD will I still get to keep those up or not? my guess is not..?

    Tina K...
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Congratulations Tina.... really glad you got the job and am sure your references will be OK. April will suddenly come
  6. by   RGN1
    Congrats to you Tina! They are unlikely to rescind the offer - I'm sure that your references will be just fine!

    I doubt you'll be able to keep up your IV skills & there is limited drug administration but you'll be adding different skills to your portfolio & you may find that you can go on the bank for the odd shift or two on the ward - after all you'll not be working any bank holidays or Sundays - if you're really concerned. Of course if they run vaccination clinics like where I worked you will have that to add.

    I'm back on wards after 8 years in OPD & it's like riding a bike! A few refresher courses & that was it really.

    I hope you'll be very happy, I'm sure you'll enjoy the environment. Keep us posted!