hi i'm a newbie here!

  1. HI guys!

    I'm a newbie here in the community..

    I'm so happy I found an on-line community for nurses and future nurses!

    I'm an RN in the Philippines and i was wondering if anyone could help me choose a good review center for the NCLEX and CGFNS exams?:spin:

    I'm planning to apply for New Jersey licensure. If there's anyone who's also doing the same or have done so in the past, pls help me! hehe

    Thanks and God Bless us all!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102

    Check out the international forum especially the sticky Primer to working in the US. Plus plenty of other threads to read with good info on what to do
  4. by   suzanne4
    Please take the time to do some reading here. CGFNS exam is not required to work in NJ. So I do not suggest that you take that exam.

    NJ only requires the CES, a credentials eval done by CGFNS.

    And stay away from the review centers where you are, please check out the Philippine Forum for more threads on that, they are just not needed.
  5. by   angelbaet
    hi suzanne!

    what do you mean that I should stay away from the review centers here in the Philippines?