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i have just joined and would like to say hello. i am from the uk, looking to relocating to clearwater, florida. can anyone give me any advice on the best way to go about it? do you have adaptation... Read More

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    hi, i have just joined. i am an rn in the uk and looking at moving to florida. does anyone know the best way to go about things? are nurses really needed out there at the moment. someone mentioned to me that you could work as a carer or lpn i believe you call it, and then do an adaptation to become qualified in that state. is the true?
    nope it is not true, for immigration the only way is RN. Have already had good info on what to do but best starting point is https://allnurses.com/forums/f75/pri...us-160143.html and be prepared for lots of patience, paperwork and more patience
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    thanks for the reply. it was really helpful. Can anyone tell me if employers out in the clearwater/st. petersburg area are interested in complimentary therapies. i am a reflexologist and also trained in reiki.
    thanks again for the help!!!!!:spin: