Helping my friend be a nurse in USA

  1. i have a question, im trying to help a friend out who is a phillippino citizen, sorry if i spelled that country wrong, but she wants to be a nurse so hopefully she can get sponsored. She pretty much raised in USA since she was like 8, but even though she is 25 now, she still isn't able to work (retail, grocery, whatever ). Right now, she is going to a community college, and taking classes so she can get an associate degree in nursing.

    Should i tell her its a waste of time since she can't even get a job in the first place?
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    by what rights is she in the US? IE does she have a valid visa as this may have impact on information given.
  5. by   suzanne4
    If your friend is unable to get a job, I would first be asking about their visa status in the US, sounds like they are way out of status and do not have a SSN#.

    Getting the nursing school completed when she is unable to be in the US legally will get her deported quickly. Without having a current visa, there is not one thing that can be done. And since she is 25, and not 18, she will need to leave the US.

    No way to fix it here legally.
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    if that's the case how come schools accepted her as a student without telling her that it will be a waste of time and money?
  7. by   suzanne4
    They will, but it just means that they did not check her status. I make that same complaint all of the time. She is in the US illegally, and even if she gets stopped for a traffic ticket, or even a friend gets pulled over, she can be deported. INS is picking up people all over the place.

    Another example. A nurse went to school in one of the southern states, came here as a child, had a SSN#, but it turned out to be phony, though she did not know. It was given to her by her father.

    Said nurse got married to an American, bought a house, and submitted for a nursing license in her state. SSNs are now being verified. She had a knock on the door, and is now in Mexico; no family there any more, and she could only take her purse.
    But please. Do not blame it on the school. Your friend needs to take some responsibility, she is aware of what her status was from the beginning.
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    If your friend wishes to work in the US, she has only one option, she will need to leave the US and apply for Consular Processing once she is back home. Trying to get it done while she is here is not going to work, she has been out of status for years and years, and even just going to apply to take the NCLEX exam can get her deported. They are really cracking down right now.

    No one can hire her without her having legal status and a current visa in the US. If she has been in the US for so long, she does not even have a current passport from the Philippines.