help! uk grad nurse wanting to practice in canada

  1. Hi everyone! I need help desperately regarding the canadian registration examination....where do i get more info on it. i have tried searching on the web but no joy. Would appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    try posting on the canadian forum, someone might be able to help on there
  4. by   mini
    thanx 4 the advice....really appreciate it!
  5. by   Kudra
    you might want to start by looking up the Canadian Nurses Association... they're the ones who write the National Registration Exams that are given by each province... their address is

    you can find a fact sheet on the exam on this page...

    for a prep guide, you can order one from the CNA which also comes with a CD-rom practice test... they also have an online practice test available now, but for a fee... some people also recommend an NCLEX study guide, but the exam format is really different from the Canadian exam...

    here's a link to the CNA's page for foreign RNs wishing to practice in Canada...

    do you know where you'd like to live in Canada? because each province has different entry to practice requirements... in several provinces, you must have a degree to enter practice... Ontario & Alberta, for example, require all applicants after December 31, 2004, to have a BN/BScN to be able to register... some already require degree education only and some accept diplomas still...

    here's a link to all the Provincal Registration bodies websites...

    hope that was of some help... good luck!

  6. by   r0semar1e
    Hi Mini
    Have you had any luck in getting moving to Canada?
    I am hoping to move there one day after my degree.
    Let me know if you have the time thanx