Help pls regarding becoming a RN in USA

  1. Hi, does anyone know what the required hours are in specific branches (obstetrics, paed's etc..) to become a RN in the US? I am currently a UK nursing student (adult branch) and hopefully planning to fulfill the necessary hours as my elective before I graduate, so I can then move to America.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Each state has its own requirements, no set rule for all. You essentailly need to have a course that provides clinical as well as theory hours. The course length in the US is usually about eight weeks for each of these areas to give you an idea.
  4. by   RGN1
    I had 50ish hours theory and 150 hours practical in maternity (that was 4 weeks on the wards full time) which was more than plenty for Vermont. Everything else I had truly tons of hours in, maternity was the one area where my old fashioned course cut it fine.

    Most UK nurses have found it more than worthwhile getting their transcripts from the university so that they know exactly where they stand.

    Many have been pleasantly surprised to find out that they do actually have enough hours, even if they are on the adult branch. See if you can get your uni to give you a copy of your training to date then call the Board of Nursing where you're thinking of going & ask them if it's enough.

    It will be (as you quite rightly identified) paeds, maternity & psychiatry that will need looking at. The rest should be well covered by your UK training.

    Good luck - & read the stickies etc on the UK forum as well as here because there is loads & loads of help & advice. Be prepared for a long & winding road & plenty of frustration because it really is a "PIA" getting to the USA!!!