HELP PLEASE: Psychiatric Care in your Country

  1. Hi there! I hope that one of you would be kind enough to help me.

    I am a nursing student in the United States and I am currently in Psychiatric Nursing. I have a project that is due in the morning and I am at my wits end. Yes I realize this is the last possible moment, but that is an entirely different story. :smackingf

    I have to interview someone from another country about the Psychiatric care in that country. Could you help me? It would only take a few minutes of your time.
    I just need to know how it works. What is your perception of care? is the care adequate? Who pays for it? If someone is committed to a hospital or institution, is there a stigma attached to them? Are they shunned from society or is help given to them and then they are introduced back into society after a period of time? Anything at all would help me out tremendously. Thank you very much

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  3. by   gwenith
    okay = I am not a psych nurse but because this is urgent here goes.

    Care is never enough for all the ills of society but I guess we don't do too badly

    Payment - mostly it is through free hospital system/medicare. We have a two tiered health care system with free medical/hospital for all but enticements for those who can afford private care
    Stigma - I think there is less now than there was years ago

    This link is to a TV documentary which was filmed by nurses. It is from some time ago but there is a section dealing with psych nurses who are in a homeless psych unit.