Help please for my mom...

  1. HI... I posted this on another board but I think I should have posted here as we are in Canad... I am writing this for my mom as I am trying to help her out. She is employed and has been for a long time as a long term care RPN... however the hospital that she works for is laying off a bunch of RPN's and hiring PSW's... my mom wanted to take the step down a level because she would be able to work full time and not so many weekends (currently she is only part time and gets only four shifts per bi weekly pay period) anyway the nurses that they laid off are allowed to step into these psw positions full time but the nurses that did not get laid off are being told that they need psw certificates before they can take a position in that job description (the laid off nurses do not need to have such certificates) so these ladies are being screwed around in a big way... Okay long story short... I am wondering if anyone out there knows where she can get a psw equivalency course or a certificate or something for someone who shouldn't even need to get it to downgrade her position... any help would be greatly appreciated... Thank you TRacy!
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  3. by   renerian
    I am sorry I am not familiar with what a psw is? Forgive me.....

    Not much help in Ohio,

  4. by   tkeybel
    Sorry to clarify a PSW is a personal support worker... Tracy
  5. by   OntRPN
    Your mom does not have to get a psw cert. she is already qualified Where I work when the are short PSW's I take a shift it gets me back to basic Nursing skills I do not use anymore. she just has to remember working as a PSW certificate or not she is still liable as an RPN. SHe can phone the college of Nurses and they can give her information.sounds like they are getting screwed. WHat places will not do to save money.

  6. by   Kaelie
    Strange, why would they hire a bunch of PSW's and lay of the RPN's? Makes no sense to me.....